No 10 is a nice photo, You'll be going home soon awwww :...o( You're going to miss each other hugs to you both - Andrewkiwi


We definitely need the hugs lol thanks :( that’s me back in Scotland today

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Hi! How much did it cost you to start on T and how many appointments did you have to go to before getting the okay to start on T with Dr. Myskow?


I got my prescription and injection on the day of my second appointment. The first appointment you book will be your assessment (1hr long) and then she’ll tell you at the end of it that she thinks (or doesn’t think) that you have Gender Dysphoria. Then she’ll ask you if you want to go on hormone treatment etc. If you do, then she’ll tell you that in order to prescribe it to you, you need to go away for a minimum of three months and then come back. That allows her to be able to prove that you are serious about the treatment and that your Gender Dysphoria is a solid long term diagnosis. She also advises you to get your initial bloodwork done during this period and says that she’ll contact your gp to let them know about the assessment and to ask them to do your blood tests and what to check etc. If your gp does the blood work for you then it’ll save you some money, but if they refuse then Dr Myskow’s clinic can do it all for you. 

The second appointment was an hour long too I think. She asked me if I still felt the same, which I did. I also gave her a copy of my blood results. She looked at them and said everything looked normal and then she asked me what my preference was for administering the hormones (pill form, gel, 3 weekly injection or 3 monthly injection). If you’re unsure atm then don’t worry. She’ll explain them all to you at the time. I said I wanted the 3 weekly injections (sustanon) so she wrote my prescription there and then. I asked her if it was possible that her clinic could give me my injection if I ran to a chemist quickly to get the T since I didn’t want to wait an extra few days to get my gp’s surgery to do it for me. She said that you would usually have to book a nurses appointment in advance but she had a spare 15 mins and she would do it for me. What I would suggest is that you book your second appointment for the morning, and book a nurses appointment in the afternoon so that you can get your injection that day if you want it. 

As for the prices, I can’t remember exactly but I think the hour long appointments are somewhere in the region of £180. For a 30 min appointment its like £120 and for a nurses appointment I think it was £50. 
I really can’t remember but you can call them and ask. The receptionists are really friendly and helpful. 

The price of Sustanon at the time was something like £5 per 1ml vial. And when I switched to Nebido I got a couple of different prices depending on what pharmacy I went to. One place sold it to me for £105 and other times is was £120. 

Once you get prescribed your T, you only need to visit Dr Myskow for check ups every few months, and it only needs to be 30min appointments. So you will be paying a lot less. I also remember one time where I couldn’t afford an appointment so they let me do an appointment over the phone once which cost even less. 

If you’ve got any more questions then just let me know. But definitely phone the clinic and ask for the prices with Dr Myskow. Their number is 0131 225 5656. 

((just saw on the website that the price of an hour long appointment is now £230 but I’m not sure about the other ones))

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how many copies of your deed poll did u request?


You get the original copy and then i also got two additional copies, which i really didn’t even need.
When you change your name with people there might be times where you need to post it to someone, and they always want the original, but if you pay for the ‘legal copies’ they’ll be accepted by everyone as an original. I’d say just order one copy so that you can change your name everywhere quicker, but I know that the website will only let you order a minimum of two copies, so yeah. If you can’t afford it just know that you don’t even need the legal copies anyways.

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Did you change your name by deed poll? Can you tell me what website you used please. I don't know which one is official or not.


I done mines online with
I can’t remember exactly how much I paid but it says it all on the website.
They were quick with delivering the documents out and stuff, and when I showed it to people to change things over (bank, passport etc) I never had any problems.

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I go back home to Scotland in less than a week now and I wanna cry.
Kelsea says she’ll do a video with me for tha memoriez but I dunno what to do cos I don’t want us looking all depressed n shit lol.
Tell us fun things to do/talk about..

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