What are 10 things you love about fionn?



I love his sense of humour and that he is so thoughtful like when I get home from work he shows up with mcdonalds or when I feel sad he finds a way to cheer me up like one time he pulled me out of bed when I was really upset and he played video games with me and fed me chicken nuggets and made me a cozy spot on the couch and one time I only got 2 hrs sleep before work and he went and got me a cheese burger it’s not only about McDonald’s stick with me and he is rly smart and always has a better way to look at things and explains big words to me and is rly patient with me when I get confused or don’t understand something and I just feel like a better person around him and I want to be a better person for him and he is rly affectionate and gives me all the tlc I need and let’s me be in funny moods and doesn’t think I’m a shit person for it and he makes me feel like I can do lots of things like travel and go back to school and he’s just rly supportive and on my side and makes me feel like like I can talk about anything and even when I can’t I really want to and he always compliments me and makes me feel pretty and special and like I’m the only person in the fricken world or something and he gives me back tickles and those are my favourite and he tells me my Scottish accent is good when it’s really shit and that’s love u know and came all the way here to see me and that was rly nice of him and I love that he did something crazy like that because he’s just rly good at pushing himself and he makes me feel like I can do the same thing and every morning he clings onto me before I go to work and it’s rly cute and he’s just rly cute and sexy and nice and good looking and sweet and LOVELY AND I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND WHEN HE GOES BACK HOME IM GONNA FEEL SO EMPTY WITH OUT HIM AND IM DREADING IT BC I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND I WANT TO CHAIN HIM TO MY BED NOT IN A SEX WAY LIKE JUST SO I CAN CUDDLE HIM EVERY SINGLE NIGHT WHEN I FALL ASLEEP AND WAKE UP TO HIM EVERY SINGLE DAY AND TELL HIM THAT I LOVE HIM AND APPRECIATE EVERYTHING HE DOES FOR ME. I JUST THINK HES THE BEES KNEES OKAY. I WOULDN’T WANT TO HAVE ANYONE ELSE IN MY LIFE AND I THINK HES PERFECT AND I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH HIM. Ugh he’s just a rly good person. And he’s far too good for me. And I feel so so so so so fortunate that we started speaking and that were at this point now. Every day I love him more and every day there’s a new reason to love him. Like yesterday we went to the doctors in Canada and I thought he was rly brave and stuff for doing that in a city he’s never been in before. And the fact that he’s even in Canada. And I was like wow yr so brave I love you so much I wish I was like that MARRY ME. YOU KNOW!?!? I better go before I start to get emotional ok bye



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shadesoft0ska said: do you still have the money you fundraised?

yeah thats still there!

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How's saving up for your top surgery going? Have you ever considered taking out a loan to cover the remaining amount of money you need?


I’ve been applying for loans for the past 3 years and I’m still getting rejected. I have a lot of debt already so it means that my credit rating is really really shit. 
When I met Kelsea I obviously wanted to see her sooner rather than later. I wasn’t keen on being in a serious long term relationship with no hope of ever meeting each other, and with me having to save for top surgery and her having a hard time with money too, it meant that the only way we could meet was if I postponed my top surgery saving. After so many months I eventually done that, which was a really fucking hard decision to make for obvious reasons. So as soon as I get back home I’ll be back to saving again. 

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i like you. as a person, as a physical human being. I have been following you since your first videos..till now. You look amazing–and i like what you have become. <3


thank you :] 

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Ask Kelsea questions. She wants questions. Ask questions. Ask Kelsea a question. Kelsea wants to answer questions. Just ask a question.

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Marvin E. Newman, Halloween, South Side (gelatin silver print), 1951.

Rock Outcrops in Hellas Planitia