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im scrd

GIMME YER BEST SHOT, or not, whatever, idec, pshhh

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oneinsilence said: the first one is the story of my life.

haha tell me bout it!

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How do you view transmen who identify as male and use male pronouns but who have no intention on taking hormones, binding or surgery and still wear stereotypically 'female' clothes (like skirts and dresses etc)?


I’ve never come across anyone like that. I’d wonder if they had any dysphoria and how they cope emotionally with not passing as the gender they identify as. I don’t think the way someone chooses to dress affects my view on their gender identity, other than the whole pre t wanting to pass thing. I can’t imagine anyone ever being like how you’ve described unless its some sort of ‘political’ statement, and if that were to be the case then I would admire their motivation somewhat but find their attempt naive, narrow minded and immature. 

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Hey Fionn! Where do you find so many disco songs? There's a website? Your playlists have a lot of rarities stuff, it's awesome.


Well I grew up on a lot of funk soul and disco so I would listen to the stuff I knew on Spotify, Youtube and Lastfm and try out the recommendations basically. I’m a member of an open facebook group too where people will post songs they like and sometimes I’ll find new stuff. And I also learned about a lot of songs through house music and googling who was sampled.. that kind of thing.
My gf also uses this app in work called Songza where you’ll search with a keyword (i.e. disco or whatever) and it will give you options of playlists. I’ve heard it once and they have a lot of rarer stuff which I was really surprised by.

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Are you dating?



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do you workout? you look fantastic!


yes i lift daily.. preferably pepsi cans

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