Yea but there's a all the dancing ! jk ily


lol i was actually thinking about that the other day, how i haven’t danced in a video for so long. I’m sure everyone is just in tears cos they miss my slick moves so terribly haha

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i am so sick of ppl saying u don't "look" trans bc like how the FUCK does someone look trans ????



Lol ur tellin me

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hurry up already -.- 

you are absolutely gorgeous and seem like such a lovely person! from a quiet follower x


Aw thank you quiet follower :] 

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Did you consider going to Dr Yelland in Brighton? His chest results are as good as Dr Garromone in my opinion and many others.


I was trying to get the NHS to give me funding for top surgery with him but they wouldn’t allow it.

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what kind of model are your glasses man? they look great!


They’re Oliver Peoples and they’re called ‘Sir Finlay”s haha

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